June 9, 2016

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A bad website is bad for business.

Do you think that your site is representing your company with the right message you want to give about your company?

Let's find out:

1. Does your website get the right amount of visits you need to promote your company?

2. Do you think your customer stays on your site for longer then it takes to read the office number?

  • Are your customers able to interact with your site?
  • Do you have multiple pages for them to visit and learn more about your company?

3. Do you think that your site is representing your company with the right message you want to give about your company?

If you answered no to any of these than it’s time to re-think your digital marketing strategy.

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Truth is, working on your company’s website is a monumental task. It’s time consuming, costs money and takes you away from client work. We took a step back and asked ourselves… “Are we doing a good job at marketing our company?” The answer was "no!"

We quickly realized our biggest challenge was time. As a creative design agency, we needed to find a way to dedicate resources to the new site so we decided to make ourselves a client. We know it’s easy to get immersed in client work that you neglect your company’s own marketing efforts.  It’s an eye-opening experience to step outside your company's walls and look at your site from the customer’s perspective. In the end, perception is reality. The experience you provide through your website, is all the visitor knows. You can't expect every business opportunity to come from face-to-face meetings. Your site needs to do some heavy lifting, especially when it’s prohibiting the business from growing.

Following our process, we needed to determine the business goals, creative direction, overall structure, social strategy and multi-screen experience. Most importantly, we had to do a better job at telling our story and make a lasting impression. We pride ourselves in crafting authentic brand stories so taking the time to pay attention to intricate details for our own brand was imperative. Ultimately, if you want something memorable, you need to plan it out, spend time and due diligence to give purpose to every decision.

We approached the site with the same agile methodology we use on our client projects. The process included a combination of small teams of people from strategy, creative and technology doing weekly sprints to reach our goals faster.  The result was refreshing. We had more efficient workflow, the teams were fully engaged on one project and progress was happening rapidly.

We learned to stay true to the purpose. Whatever the criteria, benchmarking our progress along the way was mandatory. We made thoughtful decisions collectively and spent the necessary time to do things right when crafting our brand. And of course plenty of late nights, take-out food & Monster energy drinks!

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We are currently adding new brand stories, features and content to the Magnetic Creative site constantly growing our relationships and portfolio! We’re spending time building relationships through social media and we’re seeing an increase in business as a result. We feel good about the Magnetic Creative story.  We finally look like who we are on our website.  Now, with our new website, we are making the right impression and seeing positive returns on our investment.

When did you know it was time for a new website?  Let us know in the comments below.

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- Blog Post by @magn3tic

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