June 3, 2019

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Drew Brees Foundation Website Design

Building a meaningful digital experience for the Drew Brees Foundation

As an agency, it’s extremely gratifying to be the creative partner to an organization doing so much good in the world. Such is the case with the Drew Brees Foundation. Since 2007, we’ve been working with the Super Bowl MVP’s non-profit, and the impact we’ve helped to create has been nothing short of remarkable. With more than $22 million in contributions to charitable causes globally, the foundation has become a difference maker in cancer research, education and assistance for children and families in need.

Designing Impactful Work with Drew Brees since '07

It’s an honor to be recognized with a Best in Show Award from the W3 Awards for our work on DrewBrees.com. We always set out to create award-winning work for every client. Receiving this award validates all the hard work that went into the site. But quite honestly, the real reward is seeing the success of the new website winning every day for the foundation.

Award-winning websites that make a difference too… now that puts a smile on our faces!

drew brees website design

Award Winning Creative Making an Impact

I remember sitting in the Superbowl MVP’s kitchen the first time we talked about the website and what he and his wife, Brittany, wanted to accomplish with the foundation. He wanted to make a difference, impact others and personally connect with his fans socially. It was so refreshing to see his intent was so honest.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with quite a few professional athletes and music artists over the years. Let me just set the record straight… all the rumors are true. Drew is one of the most authentic, down to earth people I have ever met. A deep rooted mantra for the Brees Family when it comes to the foundation – putting others first. Knowing this first hand, we set our sights on re-defining what foundation websites look like online for people of influence.

drew brees foundation website design

Redefining Foundation Website Design

We observed that most foundation websites do not get the attention they deserve, and lack of awareness limits their ability to directly impact their causes. We decided to approach the site just like we do for all our for-profit clients.

Establish the foundation website position

We started with a playbook on how to win as a foundation on and off the field.

Determine the strategy for the foundations design

We spent the time evaluating the overall landscape of pro-athletes’ foundation websites, dedicating the proper time to UI/UX in order to create the best possible experience.

Develop the website with purpose

We had the game plan, now it was time to bring the vision to life. Our creative approach to the site was to design something world-class that reflects Drew’s values on and off the field.

Deliver results for the Foundation

We defined our goal: come home with the win. Our mission from day one was to make a difference, help the foundation grow and increase their ability to make an impact for their causes.

"The team at Magnetic Creative truly understands how important the foundation is to us and they did an outstanding job building an amazing website. We’re so excited at the progress we’ve made, the donations we’ve raised and the impact we’ve been able to make in so many lives around the world."
- Drew Brees

After launching the site, we saw an immediate response from supporters and partners around the world. Drew continues to extend his reach off the field, growing his social authority by engaging fans and community every day through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Website traffic has increased dramatically, and we’ve been seeing upward movement in donations and inquiries from supporters, new partners and brands.

Building a meaningful digital experience for the Drew Brees Foundation 

We can’t say we know what it feels like to be an NFL quarterback tossing a perfect pass downfield to win the big game, but we imagine it feels something like this. Building a meaningful digital experience for the Drew Brees Foundation has been so fulfilling for all of us. We can make a difference. We can impact the world through non-profit organizations. We believe it’s all worth it.

It pays off when you spend the time and investment to garner the kind of response that can follow from doing it right. Don’t cut corners, do something that matters and you’ll be amazed at the results.

brees dream foundation logo design

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