experiential marketing branding
18 / November 2O21 in Growth

Experiential Marketing: an Authentic Way to Build Your Brand Presence

Explore how creating a tangible, offline experience with experiential marketing can help you better communicate your brand identity.

by Trey Evans — 7 min read
interactive media branding
15 / November 2O21 in Growth

Future-proof Engagement: Why Interactive Media is Your Best Bet

If you’re looking for a way to draw in an audience and retain viewership, consider incorporating interactive media into your content efforts.

by Michael Gannon-Pitts — 6 min read
O6 / November 2O21 in Design

Creative Inspiration - Adventure Series with Ryan Moss

A self-taught creative, Ryan Moss has solidified his place in the world of surf and nature photography.

by David Carrillo — 12 min read
hand lettered digital illustration
O3 / November 2O21 in Creative

Digital Illustration Process & Hand Lettering Tips

Behind the scenes look at the making of our hand-lettered holiday card. See the digital illustration process start to finish with designer, Mani Salazar.

by Mani Salazar — 4 min read
trade show engagement tips
O6 / October 2O21 in Growth

Trade Show Engagement: Showroom Do’s & Don’ts

Trade Show Engagement Tips - It’s time to discuss what should (and shouldn’t) happen once your brand hits the trade show floor.

by Eric Kroupa — 6 min read
custom designed illustrated alphabet
O8 / September 2O21 in Creative

Graphic Design Passion Project - Custom Illustrated Alphabet

One of MAGNETIC’s own, Kasey Mahoney designed a Custom Illustrated Alphabet 30-day passion project, with the goal of helping his nephew learn the alphabet.

by David Carrillo — 3 min read
twitch advertising phone screen
O8 / September 2O21 in Growth

Utilizing Emerging Media Channels: Twitch Advertising

Tap B and move your joystick in Twitch’s direction. There’s a whole new world of branding to be explored.

by Michael Gannon-Pitts — 10 min read
website asset
O6 / September 2O21 in Design

Is A Website an Asset?

If your website is not an asset, then it’s a liability. Find out where yours sits.

by Gerrie van Niekerk — 5 min read
shopify partners
15 / April 2O21 in Creative

Shopify Unite 2018 Recap – New Features for Shopify Partners and Merchants

Creating more Opportunity for Shopify Partners and Merchants

by Matt Simpson — 8 min read
maddie brenneman video production
O1 / December 2O2O in Creative

Maddie Brenneman Video Production Planning and Execution

Using Video for Branded Storytelling and Influencer Content

by David Carrillo — 10 min read
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