ping pong creative agency
O2 / December 2O22 in Agency

Ping Pong: Keeping A Mentally Sharp Creative Agency

Alzheimer’s Weekly claims ping pong is becoming a promising way to prevent Alzheimer’s and keep the mind sharp.

by Scott Middough — 4 min read
digital marketing agency company culture
23 / November 2O22 in Agency

How Company Culture Benefits Your Digital Marketing Agency

Cultivating a positive company culture benefits all key agency stakeholders – from clients to management, to teams and individual employees.

by Riette Bester — 10 min read
design agency turned branding
25 / September 2O22 in Agency

Design Agency Turned Top Global Branding Agency

Learn about our strategic pivot from boutique design to global agency.

by Scott Middough — 4 min read
account director lauren spinelli
25 / September 2O22 in Agency

Meet the Mag Team: Account Director Lauren Spinelli

Account Director Lauren Spinelli on Role Models, Best Online Tools, and What Keeps Her Up At Night

by Matt Simpson — 3 min read
better agency account manager
25 / September 2O22 in Agency

5 Tips for Being a Better Agency Account Manager

5 Tips to Include in Your Day to Day Routine to be a Better Agency Account Manager

by Matt Simpson — 7 min read
Digital Copywriter Riana Wiechers
25 / September 2O22 in Agency

Meet the Mag Team: Digital Copywriter Riana Wiechers

First-hand Experience on Traditional Vs. Digital Copywriting, Choosing Your Battles, and Tackling Tricky Topics

by Matt Simpson — 5 min read
manage multiple instagram accounts
1O / August 2O2O in Agency

How to Add and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in.

by Matt Simpson — 10 min read
business development agency
O3 / December 2O19 in Agency

How Business Development Saved the World

At the cross-section of simplicity and substance is where the new breed of Business Development operates.

by Matt Simpson — 4 min read
brees foundation website design
O3 / June 2O19 in Agency

Drew Brees Foundation Website Design

Building a meaningful digital experience for the Drew Brees Foundation

by Matt Simpson — 6 min read
grow brand social media
18 / November 2O17 in Agency

4 Steps to Grow Your Brand Through Social Media

For as many brands excelling with their social, far more are failing. Grow your brand through social media by following these 4 basic principles.

by Matt Simpson — 7 min read
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